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About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of local investors with a mission to meet each client we serve's needs.

   At DMVhousingLLC, our mission as real estate investors is to ensure that our clients are supported throughout making some of the most difficult decisions surrounding their housing situations. Whether you are going through a divorce, are a frustrated/out of town landlord, have a house that was willed to you, or you are facing foreclosure we understand the importance of you making the best decision for you and your family and we're here to help you do just that. Weather you want to sell your home or want to keep your property but just need some help to do so we're here for you. 

   We approach and handle each situation as delicately and individually as possible on a quick timeline. We work for you and its our priority to ensure client satisfaction

How It Work's

Step 1 We determine a plan of action.

Step 2 If you want to sell we will make you a cash offer and close as quickly as possible with no need for you to make any repairs to your home. We buy homes in any condition and tailor each offer to the specifics of the home. 

​​If you want to remain in your home we sit down with you to create a customized plan to ensure you can do so. 


Step 3 We ensure the most practical and efficient results with every case that we handle.  

Area's of Service

Our area's of service include: 

Southern Maryland 

The entire Washington DC district

Northern Virginia 

Contact Us


P.O Box 8372 Hyattsville MD 20783


(240) 423-1719


Jessica Stevens

 I was 60 days away from losing my home to foreclosure and had given up when I replied to a letter I receive in the mail. I thought it was too late and I couldn't be helped. I even made arrangements to move in with my son and daughter in-law. DMVhousing made me a fair cash offer and closed quickly which allowed me to walk away from the deal with enough money in my pocket to move into my own place. Thanks DMVhousing!  

Loretta Tibbs  

 I had tenets in my rental and during their lease period they completely destroyed my property.  After feeling tired and frustrated with this particular property I called DMVhousing and they made me a cash offer within 48 hours.  

Noel Hernandez

My mother passed away and my sister and I were already dealing with so much. Just the thought of dealing with my mother's home through probate had us on edge. Thanks to DMVhousing we were able to sell my mothers home fast and focus on more important things

The Bennett family

We were so behind on payment and knew we would be out on the streets in just a few short weeks. A friend told us about DMVhousing and they quickly help us find the solution to our problem .